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Jori Papa is a London based luxury shoe brand born out of the designer’s desire to give women something a little bit different: unapologetically bold and feminine designs. Jori shares with the world her love of playing with colour by bringing to life shoes with unique silhouettes in interesting hues inspired by the universe around her. ‘I think shoes should be fun, they ought to put a smile on your face and make you feel happy. When you get up in the morning to face the day and get dressed, you look at your shoes and they should energise you and literally put a spring in your step. Life is too short to wear dull shoes. Jori’s shoes display a perfect balance between proportion, shape, volume and colour. The designer’s background in architecture has been invaluable in executing her vision and constructing new shapes. It also allowed her to develop contemporary, sculptural heels, which lengthen the leg, but come in a height which does not prevent women from walking in an elegant way. Because as important as the appearance of shoes is to her, comfort and confidence are paramount. The designer’s mission is to celebrate femininity without slowing down modern women who live their lives to the fullest and love unique design. 

In 2017 she took part in Worth Partnership Project in collaboration with Heelena. Their project proposal was ranked within the list of 27 successful projects. Using the technology developed by HEELENA, and the design expertise of Jori Papa, the project aims to involve strong fashion design elements into the Heleena foldable heel technology.

“Jori Papa has a very interesting profile as a footwear designer having a previous experience in architecture, as shown through her 1st collection”

“The idea is definitely brilliant and a part of the women market could really love it.